Value Collective

A customisable website framework for a design-led non-profit

About the project

client Value Collective
year 2022
role Lead web developer, project coordinator, UI/UX design
collaborators Atima Ng, Elisane Tremblay, Zoe Mathers (UI, front-end, branding), Aculina Turculet (visual design, branding)
the problem Value Collective is a growing non-profit needing a well-organised website to showcase and promote their work to attract future investors.
the solution We created a custom wordpress theme as well as a branding kit for the website's thumbnails.

Value Collective being a designer-led organisation, our goal was to create a framework to express the creativity of their team rather than a polished website.

Their team was comfortable with front-end development but lacked back-end skills.

We designed a website structure which would be easy to customise and provided educational support through workshops and Q/A sessions to make sure they would be comfortable using the final product.

Information architecture workshop

As a non-profit, they also had a very limited budget.

Therefore, we focused on implementing open-source tools to create a CMS which would be sustainable on the long-run.