A platform to improve access to healthcare services in Quebec

About the project

client Concept project
year 2022
role UX research, UI/UX design
the problem Access to healthcare resources is often fragmented and decentralized, resulting in inefficiencies and inconsistencies in care, which can lead to poorer health outcomes for patients.
the solution We undertook user experience research with the target audience and experts to narrow down the cause of the problem with access to health service and conceptualised an online platform which directs patients to the personalised resources.

We wanted to create a service targeting university students as they are a diverse and potentially vulnerable population who face unique challenges when it comes to taking care of their health needs. They are often living away from home for the first time, adjusting to a new environment, managing academic and social pressures, and potentially lacking access to reliable healthcare resources.

We conducted user interviews through surveys and short interviews with both students and expert pharmacists (who are the most accessible health resources and play an important role in refering patients to the adequate resources) in order to under the underlying problem. The main conclusion we infered from UX research was that improving access to services does not necessarily mean adding more services to the system but to bring the good people to the good service.