Air, river, soil

Crafting an accessible digital exhibition experience

About the project

client Access in the making
year 2022
role UI/UX design, web development
collaborators Roï Saade (UI frontpage, branding) AIM lab (accessibility expertise)
the problem Build a website for a photography exhibition which reflects and expresses the values and mission of AIM lab
the solution The website incorporated a range of accessibility features to ensure that it was easy to use for people with disabilities. The design also included an intuitive navigation system that allowed users to easily browse and view the gallery's exhibits.

The design of Air, River, Soil was based on the concept of wayfinding and was intended to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

  • Logical page structure and intuitive navigation system
  • Clear visual cues indicating what actions can be undertaken
  • Contrasting colour and typography choices for better legibility
  • Entirely designed for keyboard navigation
Website walkthrough

Image descriptions are displayed at the same level as their corresponding images.

We wanted to challenge the hierarchy between able-bodied and disabled users reinforced by mainstream web design practices while adding another dimension to the digital experience.

In mainstream web design practices, image descriptions also known as “alternative text” is hidden from most users. Here they are given their place as a fundamental part of the digital exhibition experience.