AIM lab

An accessible website redesign for a research center

About the project

client Access in the Making
year 2023
role UI/UX, Wordpress dev
collaborators Roï Saade (UI frontpage, branding ) AIM lab (accessibility expertise)
the problem Create an accessible visually engaging platform for AIM lab to promote their values, work and initiatives, while avoiding generic visuals
the solution The final design was visually engaging, highly functional, and accessible. The focus on aesthetics and accessible visuals resulted in a website that was both visually appealing and easy to use, with clear, concise information presented in an engaging and interactive manner.

The design process for the AIM lab website began with a thorough analysis of their needs and goals.

We conducted extensive research into accessibility best practices as AIM lab has a diverse audience (people with disabilities, researchers and artists).

The chosen design incorporated appealing and accessible visuals based on wayfinding, with a focus on clear information presentation and navigation.

  • Logical page structure and intuitive navigation system
  • Clear visual cues indicating what actions can be undertaken
  • Contrasting colour and typography for better legibility
  • Fully responsive to be accessed from different devices
  • Entirely designed for keyboard navigation
Website walkthrough